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BMW Wireless EV Charging

Personally not a fan with all the power lost via inductive charging. Meaning it'll take longer than simply plugging it in and use more power, probably cost a lot more than the average EVSE as well if it ever goes on sale. In the meantime, the charging pad will be a lease option only for the 530e iPerformance in Europe, there's no news on the U.S. release yet.
BMW claims it'll charge the 530e's 9.2-kW battery in 3.5 hours, which is not that much more than the 3.7-kW BMW i Wallbox's 3 hours.

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Pretty cool tech regardless if its something that will be affordable to the average consumer. I'm pretty surprised that they have already indicated that it will be available to lease. I didn't think they were much past the concept stage with it. Don't really see the point of having it at home, but it could be very useful if we were able to incorporate it into highways.
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That would require current to be running through it constantly and that sounds expensive. Maybe one day when the system has been refined, but for now it's still wall chargers for me.
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Actually, my engineer's slide rule says the efficiency of the wireless should be about 86% of the wired charging assuming both are plugged into the same wall box. In fact the wireless charger could be designed to be more efficient than direct connection to the wall box except that would require the wireless charger to draw more current and some folks may be limited to around whatever current is conveniently available in their garage from a 220-240 volt service, probably 30 amps.

Speaking for myself, I would love to have the wireless charging available as a matter of convenience regardless of any efficiency tradeoff. I bought my 530e primarily for the silence and low-end torque rather than operating cost though I admit the ~$6000 discount after the federal tax credit and the state rebate compared to a 530i was certainly nice.

Incidentally, there should be little or no current running through the wireless charger once the battery has been charged.
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So it's designed to detect when a car rolls over the charger and when the battery is full? That would require communication between the charger and the vehicle.
I'm not too familiar with the engineering side of a wireless charger, but it definitely is more convenient. Doubt I'll go for it either way.

Going to keep your 530e or planning to go full electric?
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I bet once the industry is flush with EV's and its gotten to the point that aftermarket can step in and offer cheaper wireless chargers, it will have smart charging tech similar to what smart devices have currently.
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