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BMW to Cut $2.4 Billion in Procurement Costs to Invest in EV Tech

Itís starting to get pretty obvious what the priorities for most big car makers are going to be in the next few years. BMW, among others, will be focusing most of its efforts on launching a fleet of electrified vehicle, alongside its traditional offerings but in order to do so, it will need some serious cash flow. Therefore, the Germans are announcing that the belt will be tightened and costs will be reduced wherever possible, including the supply chain.

According to Automotive News, the BMW Group will be looking to cut expenses by up to $2.4 billion in the next few years, all of those funds to be reinvested into the EV push. These will be doable as costs with transmission parts for example will drop as EV cars donít really need 8-speed gearboxes and are a lot less complex to build. The aim will be to cut about 5 percent of the $40 billion in car parts expenses a year, which adds up to the aforementioned sum.

ďThe change in the industry that looms large is significant, itís coming and thereís no longer the question of when ó itís now,Ē Markus Duesmann, head of purchasing said in an interview at the Frankfurt auto show. ďThe number of balls we have to keep in the air is huge. Weíre trying to compensate for the higher investments the company is facing,Ē he said. And BMW isnít the only company that plans to do so.

Mercedes parent company Daimler announced a similar strategy looking to bring in an additional $4 billion a year to the budget of EV R&D by cutting dead weight where it is possible. As for BMW, officials are expecting the cuts to add up to 3 billion euros by 2025, as manufacturing processes for EVs become more predominant and cheaper to do compared to conventional cars, due to the reduced complexity.

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Automation can help a lot with this and is a bit of a long term approach but given the pace of things these day and in the not too distant future, its at least one area they can target aside from chopping models or whatever else is planned.
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Are you talking about automation in production lines? I think that's a good investment in the long run and less room for mistakes to be made in production. Those machines could also be used for other models, so the costs can be more widespread. Not sure if there are any models from BMW that are dead weight.
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Yes, Tesla is one automaker that has been pushing automation and new methods, in due time his means of production might influence what bigger brands like BMW do.
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